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    (4/7/02 4:46:52 pm)
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    You guys have one heck of a good board going here.

    Six, Mith, Chief and the rest of you, you have done some fantastic posting.

    I haven't read and looked at all the photos yet (time) but will be making sure that I take it all in.

    What I have looked at has brought back a lot of memories and the feelings that I had not felt for some time. I was not in the field with you guys and probably not there in the same time frame you were but it didn't seem to matter who or where you were it never seem to change all that much.

    Welcome Home You Guys - You All Deserve The Best!!!


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    Welcome back Lady GI---you were sure TDY for a good bit of time. We've been cheering Gunner and Mith along and it seems as if we have struck pay-dirt---don't some of their stories and those pictures grab you by the throat--okay, there too, but it just makes you want to prod them along to tell you more... Hear that you Slackers---what are you doing between 2 and 4 in the morning--that's a good time to write--. Hope your Mom is doing alright Hope--visit later. Wilborn