You think your gun laws are screwed up

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    The above string is a link to an auction site in Poland and it makes me cry out in helpless rage.
    The text, in case you don't know Polish reads something like:
    "Tantal, pattern 88'. Barrel drilled in 3 places, welded chamber, barrel permanently set into the receiver. Bolt carrier cut, bolt ground and welded. Completely unsuited for use or repair. Collector's piece."
    The rifle is a Tantal Assault Rifle, Polish conversion of AK 47 to 5.45 round. Meant for the military, but after we got out of the Warsaw Pact to join NATO deemed unnecessary due to switching to the 5.56 NATO round.
    The last time I checked anything destroyed that way qualified as a piece of junk, not a "collector's piece". Unfortunately you are not allowed to have any gun or anything that can be converted to a gun in Poland, unless you're extremely wealthy, a shooting champ (only sporting guns, .22 caliber) or a member in a Hunters' Association (only hunting guns). Never, ever give any of your rights away or your weapons may look like the one above.

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    Go Get Beer, Do you get to hunt? If so, what do you hunt? I don't know what I would do if I could not go out every weekend and target shoot or hunt.

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    Sorry for the delay in reply, but my firm got moved and I couldn't access the net.
    I don't hunt, mainly because I can hardly see hurting a defenseless animal as sport. In other words I don't have the guts to go out and shoot somehting living and I don't have the stamina to get up early in the morning and spend a hole day in woods.
    You can hunt most anything in Poland. Of course everything is regulated and you need a permit to hunt and a permit to shoot each animal. The rarer the animal, the less permits to shoot them are sold, so you'd need a lot of money and a very lucky coincidence to shoot a bear for example. Crows, stray dogs and cats are permit-free, I think. I'm not that well-versed in the hunting regulations since I don't hunt myself.
    I see firearms as pieces of beautiful craftmanship and I hate for them to be destroyed as much as I'd hate a work of art to be destroyed. The above is an example of how a gun needs to look like to be marketable in Poland. Even a semi-auto Tantal would be extremely hard to sell, since it isn't a hunting gun or a sporting gun and is 'too powerful' for home defense.