Young Father Prepares For The Worst...

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    Mar 13, 2008
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    Some things to consider. First, your anti-gun in-laws have staunch beliefs that will not be changed overnight,(if ever). Stick to your guns!(no pun intended). Once they see you have made up your mind, they will probably hassle you less over time. If it does continue, use my favorite reason for having a gun for home defense, that being, which is better; Having a weapon in your trained hands to instantly protect your family, or waiting at least 3 to 5 minutes min. for the cops to get there (assuming you can get to the phone to call 911)? You may not have 3 to 5 min. before some horrific damage is done. Remind them, this is their little girl and grandchild you are protecting.
    Whatever you do, STAND BY YOUR CHOICE!!! As long as you and your wife are trained with guns, (and just as importantly, have the mindset to use them if needed) you are doing the right thing! Remember, it is your DUTY to protect your family, do NOT be persuaded otherwise!!