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Wow! I can't compete with that Jack, but here is my list.

A .22 revolver. Had picked up a Rossi R98, but that turned out to be defective. Returned it and am waiting on a Taurus 990 9 shot in blue finish with a ventilated rib and a 6.5" barrel. I'll see how that one does when I get it.

A Tri Star Setter over/under 12 ga shotgun for shooting clays.

A Henry Golden Boy with oversize lever in .22 LR for my wife.

Some sort of ultra light semi auto or revolver for ccw in 9mm, .38 or maybe .357 for me.

Also a Do All White wing clay thrower, but that ain't a gun.

Come on Santa.

Donnie D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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