You're on candid camera....did you agree to this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Jan 28, 2003
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    Cameras everywhere in the news lately...

    Here in NC, stoplight cameras being proposed. Safety measure or revenue source? I've read that for the intersections that get the cameras, they've also "shortened" the yellow light duration...for safety, I guess.

    A buddy driving on a rural 2-lane at night. Startled by what he thought was a explosion behind him. Turns out its a strobe light, used to illuminate his car for photo/speed enforcement. He's waiting for his ticket in the mail now.

    That's just for starters. In a Tampa pedestrian mall, they've hooked up the cameras to "facial recognition computer software", where they can compare people's faces to mug shots on file. Hoping to catch open warrants, right? Remember when they beta-tested this technology at the last superbowl? Scanning faces as football fans walked thru the turnstiles?

    IN Colorado, the DMV is proposing digitizing drivers license photos, "to prevent fraud or identity theft" in license renewals. Right now many states sell their databases to private buyers, for who knows what commercial purpose.

    What's next? Facial ID at ATM's? For check verification at Safeway?

    All of these applications are logically justified, to stop theft or catch fugitives, etc. I'm not that computer savvy, but it seems the potential for abuse (in a 1984-ish sense), given today's database and networking technology, starting to make me feel creepy. Not difficult to monitor travel, and financial transactions along the way. Where does privacy fit in?

    Anyone else have these concerns, or am I being overly paranoid? Maybe some other members from the computer industry can educate us on what exactly is coming our way.

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    Re: You're on candid camera....did you agree to this?

    can't think of words right now to sum up / describe my feeling about the cameras, except to say that any potential evil lies with the people / bureaucracies behind them, and how they use those technologies. This pretty much applies to any technology, including our beloved firearms.

    as to personal privacy, the only direct measures you can take is to not give information away about yourself, and contact your governments at all levels to make your views known. 'Turning turtle' only guarantees that the situation will become worse.

    and my own 12+ years in Information Technology, and my understanding of databases & information retrieval, along with a dollop of fear, is why I do not have a single grocery 'discount card'.
    Whose business is it that I buy a fifth of scotch every 3 days? (just an extreme example, I do no such thing). Or enough baby formula to feed 8, although I'm unmarried?


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    Your right we do have the cameras set up at ybor city(pronounced e boar) it is a type of strip mall in tampa. It used to be a really bad part of town, and a place you did not want to be caught in after dark. Since the cameras have been put there and in the multi-level parking garages in the area. I have not heard too much about crime there lately. I still will not take my family there though. Since the cameras and the restoration of the area the place has been packed day and night. (another tourist atraction). I guess if it makes a place safer than I don't have a problem with them. It would feel weird thinking that someone is watching every step you make.
    I for one have nothing to hide and will smile and wave at them just like the ones in wal-mart and other stores. I don't know any stats of them getting any criminals while using the cameras. But I guess if it keeps the honest people honest they might be a good thing. I haven't put much thought into them though, maybe someone can enlighten me on their views. Is my line of thinking way off?

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    Just in the news today here in the Twin Cities. A serial rapist was just arrested. He had stolen an ATM card from the latest woman he raped and was ID'd by a photo taken when he used it.

    Like any technology, pix can be used for ill or good.

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    I think it is a plot by the UN and admin at Brand X.
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    | Edit | Del Candid Camera?
    These cameras offend me ! But can we really expect
    privacy in a public place ? It makes someones job
    easier i guess ! Should we start wearing sky masks?
    and sabotage them? 1984 is here ! let's start taking
    these cameras out with paintball guns and paint the
    lenses.I do not agree with the "if you don't have any-thing to hide statement", i don't have anything to hide
    but i take a leek behind the tree, i also have curtains
    and shades on my windows and locks on my doors. Why do
    restrooms have doors on them ? Why is it that when you
    put a camera in a cops face he will go ballistic, what does he have to hide ? or tape recorder ? they are shooting you with cameras ! Nothing like dripping paint
    on a camera lens to paint the picture ! It is getting
    to be a different kind of WAR.

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    quick update: I read a news story where stoplight cameras are catching police cruisers (not necessarily in response mode) running red lights; they are fighting the tickets. One rich guy got caught, spent a lot of money putting up a technical defense, to the point of analyzing the triggering software in the stoplight cameras; found several problems, and beat the ticket. One jurisdiction had to issue refunds of fines paid at certain intersections.

    Moral of the story is the seemingly automatic guilty verdict is not so certain.

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    We installed one in the john at work to catch whomever has been pinching the megalogs and stopping up the plumbing. It's installed under the rim of the stool so there is a good image of the shipping dock, if you catch my drift.
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    (7/8/01 8:25:31 am)
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    for every reall criminal these cameras catch ,the make criminals out of a hundred people just making a everyday dumb mistakes
    and offend a thousand

    big brother gets more reall by the minute ,just hope soylent green doesn't

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    Two points to make you sick:

    1. Big brother has already used facial scanning for criminal search - technology from England - and have used it at major sporting events to scan everyone that entered against their 'wanted' list' finding several wanted felons a NFL football game last year. Once the felons were detected entering the park, they used security cameras to watch and locate them in the stands and make the arrest.

    On TLC ( The Learning Channel) they frequently show how the Brits have invaded the privacy of their citizens by checking people on the street using their facial scanning technology. Apparently their computer scans everyone. This is scary. It can track non criminal movement for whatever perverse reason they wish.

    2. There is already documented abuse of red light cameras. Many localities are installing the red light cams at traffic signal intersections - then reducing the yellow light time by 2 to 7 seconds - creating a greater number of violators. This was on several talk shows two weeks ago.

    Big Brother is watching
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