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    I just found out that near the end of September there is going to be a youth smallbore competition and my 12 year old is interested . He has a Savage 64 that he won but is not very accurate, I have checked the action screws and played with different torques as well as checking the barrell clamp. It doesn't help that the factory sights are not the best but even with a scope accuracy is lacking. I have a Ruger 10/22 that we have tried and it is much more accurate so we will probably end up using that. I have looked at the rules but I'm not sure about the target sizes. I see some on the internet that are 20% size targets, are these the correct size for what they will be using? Also, since this is just getting started, we are working on shooting off of a rest to help establish the sight picture and then work on showing without a rest. Am I on the right track here? Any other tips you can think of. He has 20/10 vision so I was thinking of keeping g him in the open sight class with factory open sights on the Ruger. Thanks in advance.
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    Buy and shoot several brands of ammo, 22lr rifles are very finicky when it comes to shooting accurately, you could get lucky and find a brand your rifles will like and shoot accurately, and hopefully it will not have to be the expensive brand.

    On the expensive side you get buy a barrel and trigger for your 10/22 or start off by polishing and stoning the trigger parts on the 10/22 for a smoother trigger.
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    I second trying various brands of ammo.

    You might find some that helps your Savage be more accurate.

    Aside from that, get as much practice in as possible.

    Emphasize that when he shoots, squeeze the trigger and let the "bang" be a surprise.

    Go to have fun. I take part in a number of competitions throughout the year and mainly go to meet up with other shooters, meet old friends and make new ones. Compared with the other shooters, I'm way out of my league. I'm shooting against national champions and against members of the national gallery rifle team.

    I go to see how well I can shoot in a competition setting.

    So regardless of how he shoots, how he places, enjoy the event.