Yugo 59/66 from Century

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    I bought one of the 59/66s from Century when they had them on special with a cracked stock for $99.00; this rifle has a nice stock besides the crack on the right side due to grenade launching and poor wood choices. The rifle I have has a grain that turns down just under the action. The force of the lanching must have caused the crack which follows the grain. I V'd the crack and applied cyanoacrylic glue blown in with forced air; then I applied acragel to the V'd areas. Once cured I used a router table and cut a channel about 3/8" and .125 thou deep. I made a piede of "veneer" to fit into the channel and then glued it in. Once cured I sanded it to the height if the rest of the wood and you can hardly notice the fix. I still have to finish the wood with Velvit Oil....
    The bore was another story! It looked like 10 miles of bad Connecticut highway. I first stared with a cursory cleaning using a bronze bore brush and Hoppes #9 and elbow grease. I then used a homemade foul-out followed up with Kroil. The bore was then scrubbed with a tight patch and brasso. When this was done the bore was then cleaned with BC Bore Scrubber and Sweets 7.62; I then used som JB bore cleaning compound which really removed some mung! After this I cleaned with some Hoppes and some Sweets and the bore was clean. The bore now is absolutely acceptable. It is worn but it looks very nice. The bore actually shines! I've spent umpteen hours on this ugly rifle and it is beginning to pay off. I hope to have my camera working and I'll post some pics.
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    Re: Yugo 59/66 from Century
    Whew, hang on while I wipe the sweat off my brow after reading that. Sounds like you really put your heart into this rifle. I'll be looking forward to the pic's when you get the camera.

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