Yugo SKS 59/66 Gas Tube Removal

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    I just recently bought a Yugo and want to clean out all the cosmoline before firing it the first time. This one has the grenade launcher with the the gas valve arrangement. I know how to remove the gas tube/forearm on conventional SKS's but can't figure out how to get it off this gun.

    I've been told that the valve is positioned to the right for standard operation, left for the launcher and straight back from that position for removal. Unfortunately, on mine and every other one I've looked at, I can't figure out how to get the button to move back. I've pressed it, turned it, nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas? I sure don't want to ruin something right off the bat!

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    Well, for starters the gas tube should come off just like any other SKS. But since the valve projects farther out than the normal gas block lip on a regular SKS, it does take a bit more wiggling to get the gas tube off.

    After the gas tube is off, the valve is removed by moving the button to the center position, pressing down on it, and sliding it back. You'll notice that the rear "hole" on the gas block is larger than the others, which allows the button to be pulled out when it's in the rear hole. When you slide the button to the rear hole, it moves the whole valve body rearward.

    If you're having a problem moving the button to the rear, you probably just need to give the whole gas block a good soaking with WD-40 or some other penetrant oil. I have heard of cases where the valve will rotate but will not move rearward, and it sounds like this is what's happening. It could be excessive cosmoline gumming up in there, or rust. Just hose it with WD-40, work the valve by rotating the button, and see if it loosens up.

    When you do get the button off, be aware that there is a very tiny spring inside the button. It is very easy to lose. Trust me on that. After the button is off, the valve should slide rearward out of the gas block.

    Let me know if you have further questions/problems.
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