YUGO SKS 59/66

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    This is one of SOG's SKS's that came in right before Christmas.
    While the stock was soaking in PP for a week or so, I took 0000 steel wool to most of the metal parts to remove the rust and freckleing. Afterward I added 12 coats of BC tru-oil then finished up with a couple of coats of wax. All numbers appear to be matching as there are two sets. One set matches the receiver and the other set matches the barrel. Even some of the stamped parts that match the receiver have the barrel number stenciled onto them. From what I have gathered this seems to be common with the Yugo SKS's.

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    Looks good John
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    AIM is now listing the Yugoslav SKSs, but they rate them as "fair-good". Considering that, and what I have heard from others that got them from SOG, it sounds like a lot of them have seen a rough life.
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