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    Jul 16, 2011
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    I,ve been messing around with my M48 Yugo ,,I added a mount and scope ( old eyes) Accuracy was all over due to Inconsistant Surplus Ammo so I started loading my Own and found a sweet set-up and got some nice groups but the Triggers on these guys are horse crap ,,maybe 10lbs plus of pull and a lot of Creep,,so I decided to invest in a trigger,,,Boyds advertises a BOLD Trigger for about 40.00 so I decided Why Not,,,after it arrived I took off the old trigger(1 pin) and installed the New trigger(replace Pin) yea that EZ,,the only real work is with a moto Dremel to open up the stock a little to get the new housing to fit,,,,the result is a very nice trigger for a decent price the trigger is adjustable but I kept it at the factory 3LBs,,I think for 40.00 its a great add on

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