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ZM Weapons CQB Pistol

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(12/5/01 7:45:37 pm)
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Hello again everyone, hope yall had a great Thanksgiving.

I have a question that has been bugging me for several years and maybe you can help.

About 3-7 years ago I saw an article in one of the gun magazines about a customized 1911 made specifically for CQB or CQC. This customized 1911 looked like it had the front of the slide attached to the dust cover to prevent the slide from coming out of battery if the muzzle was pressed against an object. It also had a 1.5 inch steel spike that extended from the grip (i guess to use if you had more bad guys than ammo, lol).

I think it was made by Alan Zitta of ZM Weapons and it was called the Strike Gun. However I contacted ZM and they said that project had been put on the backburner and they had no other information they could give me.

Does anyone where I could get info on this? Specifically any website that may still have that article or the info and pics.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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(12/5/01 7:49:47 pm)
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Re: Question for Everyone???
I believe the article appeared in American Handgunner magazine. They should be able to track it down for you.
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(12/5/01 7:57:20 pm)
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The only information I could find doing a google search is this listing in Book of gun values.

Give it time, it is a slow download.

Hey Kevin - if ya like Google, check this out:
It has Google as one of its sub-search engines.


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(12/6/01 7:22:53 am)
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Re: Question for Everyone???
I agree with Doc. It was in American Hangunner. I had the issue for a long time before I through it out. But can't remember the date. Sorry.
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